Voicemail Disppears

14 April 2015 Categories: Gerry's Corner

Recently I read an article in Macleans Magazine that reported Coca-Cola doing away with voicemail, companywide. Is this an idiotic idea? Another means to NOT have people communicating with each other. Very soon Interpersonal skills will be obsolete for a job. Coca-Cola recommended employees use other forms of social media to communicate. I personally find this idea tragic. In my Business, communicating with Companies is far more efficient when I speak to the decision makers. More is accomplished in a shorter period of time than bouncing short messages back and forth that don’t give me the information I need to proceed with my project. As it stands the world is communicating in very brief messages that do no supply the necessary details and cannot be understood because of so many abbreviations and bad spelling. I find it at time waster, sending 3-4 emails to get all my information.

I am not sure that making voicemail disappear is a time saver. The world should be wary of what Technology is doing to business because we may just see the world taken over by computers and human beings will be obsolete.

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