29 October 2013 Categories: Gerry's Corner

This is a blog that I wrote 3 years ago and it still applies. Well worth posting again.

Voicemail, what an invention! Everyone that has a phone has voicemail today. Remember the days of the answering machine we thought it was the best. Now we have electronic voicemail. No more rewinding, no more broken tapes and no more broken or unplugged answering machines. Wow! What a world we live in. I have several voicemails for my personal phone, the business phone and my cell phone. I use voicemail to record my missed messages and to screen calls at times. I always leave a message when I get someone’s voicemail ( Gerry’s rule #854 ) My problem is why people do not use their voicemail anymore. They call you and you hear a click rather than a message, then you call them and have to leave another message. This is known as phone tag. Listen to the instructions and leave your message and I will call you back at the times you suggested. Simple and efficient is this voicemail tool. I figure people are getting too lazy to use voicemail. It is easier to just redial the number that called. Unfortunately you recall me and I am already in a meeting or just left. If you would listen to the message you would have known that. If you do get me I have to repeat the message I just left you. Why have voicemail? I have dialed numbers where I realized I have dialed an incorrect number and hang up before anyone answers then I get a call from the incorrect number asking what I wanted or why I called. This is embarrassing for both parties. Jealous husbands can really stir up problems when it is a legitimate wrong number that called.

In business this instant recall the number activity causes problems because companies have out calling lines only. These lines cannot receive incoming calls. Now the person recalling has already erased the voicemail message and has no number to call. The original call may have been for a job interview or an emergency. I have an outgoing call only line if anyone redials this number they get my fax machine. When I call them again ( if I call them again ) they have the nerve to tell me I left the wrong number or my number does not work. In recruiting I interpret these actions as not using tools ( voicemail ) properly and not following instructions as given therefore NO job opportunity for them. Not too long ago I received a voicemail message from my better half saying, I have been in a car accident, I am on my way to the Hospital, meet me there. Had I redialed I would have received her voicemail and waited till she called back. In a emergency this could have been a big mistake. I also feel, not listening to someone’s message is disrespectful. I don’t leave useless, wasteful or silly messages therefore have the courtesy to listen to what I had to say.

Some individual’s voicemail actually thank you for using voicemail. What a novel idea.

Technology is great if it is used the way it was made to be used otherwise it defeats the whole purpose. Please use your voicemail and listen to the message and for that I thank you for using voicemail.

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