28 October 2017 Categories: Gerry's Corner

We have all been bombarded by Telemarketers calling at all times of the day. Even if we do not like these calls they continue to pour in. The reason is simple it works for these companies. If it did not work they would find other means to get to us. Heavens knows we are increasingly seeing more advertising on TV than actually programing. One day I got the crazy notion to count the number of products advertised while watching different TV programs. Would you believe there are between 9 and 12 products advertised on the average on every commercial while watching pretty much any program? One particular show had 19 products advertised in a 5-7 minute commercial. A one hour TV program will have approximately 35 to 45 minutes of programming the rest is commercials. I pay for TV entertainment and enjoyment not to be over advertised to. I got off the topic of Telemarketers so here I get back on track. Why don’t we have fun with the Telemarketers rather than dreading them or getting frustrated by them? Why don’t we ask them the questions? Maybe ask them for their full names and to spell it for starters. Ask them where they live and where they are calling from. Ask them if their company is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Maybe suggest that it would be more appropriate for you to go to their offices for a meeting. Ask them if they are a registered member of the Certified Telemarketers Association ( it does not exist ). Also ask them if they could call back between 12:00 Midnight and 4:00 am your time because your phone uses less Hydro during those times.

If you want to have more fun try impersonating the following:

1)    A Police Officer Investigating a murder.

2)    A religious person and try to convert them.

3)    A person with no memory.

4)    A person robbing the house.

5)    A Nanny or a Butler.

6)    A person going through a nervous breakdown.

7)    A woman with PMS.

8)    A favorite TV actor.

9)    A Narcotics Officer.

10)  A Fundraiser Volunteer.

11)  A Warden

12)  A person from Revenue Canada or the IRS.

13)  A Hunter.

14)  A Redneck.

15)  A Salesperson and try selling them something.

I think we should have fun with these Telemarketers rather than get frustrated. Just food for thought!!

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