10 November 2014 Categories: Gerry's Corner

         I am so tired of receiving resumes from someone for somebody else. The worst abusers are Mothers, wifes and girlfriends. I know they are trying to help but please understand the technology. Emails are received and stored under the name of the email received not the attached resume. Some of you call and I cannot track down your resume. To be effective, the email address should be the same as the name on the resume. Very simple, right! You cannot be seen, found, recognized or remembered if everything is not in your name. If you are looking for work and want a response don’t get lost in cyberspace because your ( secretary ) does all the work for you. We will be offering a job to your ( secretary ) instead of you because you don’t exist.

      True story: 2 weeks ago I called a gentleman for a particular job I was trying to fill. I opened the conversation with “I have a copy of your resume”. The reply was “I am not looking for a job”. “I am very happy where I am at. My wife must be sending my resume out. I’ll have to talk to her”. How embarrassing for both parties. Moral of the story: Know what your secretary is doing.

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