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10 November 2017 Categories: Gerry's Corner

There was a day where employment applicants had numerous phone numbers to contact them. They had a home number, a business number, cell number and a number to leave messages if the other numbers where not answered. Today one sole number is given namely a personal mobile number which is not always reliable or effective. People especially younger generations change phones and their numbers in some cases 2-3 times a year but do not update that little detail on their resumes. Mobile numbers with no voicemail or no activated voicemail are useless. I have left up to 3 messages over 3-4 days and not received a call back. If I get a call back these are some of the most common reasons for the late return call: My phone was broken, my phone has been acting up, my phone was not charged, I could not find my charger, I could not find my phone, my sister hid my phone and the list goes on and on. You are looking for a job why would you not be ready to receive calls. Don’t get me started on how people answer and behave on phones.


Don’t answer your phone if you are unable to talk. Don’t answer your phone if you are at work or on the job because you just told me that if you get hired you will be using the phone regularly while at work. Resume then goes in don’t hire pile.


All I’m suggesting is if you are seeking employment and sending resumes to companies prepare yourself for receiving phone calls. It may not be a bad idea to have a working voicemail and a second phone number in case the 1st does not work.


This is far too common.

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