01 October 2017 Categories: Gerry's Corner

Most of us have a Passport. We protect this Passport and we renew it every 5 years. It is an important document. Then why is it we do not see our Resume as an equally important document? We keep our Passport, Insurances, Wills and other important items in a safe place sometimes in our Safety Deposit Box but not our resume. Our Resume is a record of our employment, education and achievements, so why not guard it, update it and keep it safe. Our Resume is an Employment Passport.

Recently I participated in the closing of yet another Manufacturing Facility. My job was to assist employees in getting ready for their inevitable job loss and prepare them to find other employment. A number of these people had no resumes. Reasons varied from: had a computer crash and lost everything, thought this was going to be my last job, my mother lost my resume, lost my resume in the Divorce, the dog ate my resume, sold my truck and my resume was in the glove compartment, my resume disappeared or I don’t know what happened to it. Through the years I have heard about every excuse in the book including: Do you think the company would return the resume I applied with? The point is, we put a resume together, get a new job and forget about the resume till we need it again. Big Mistake.

We need to manage this important document. Here are some tips in maintaining an updated resume. First of all get a resume done or use the one they taught you to do in school. Update it and save it. I recommend saving it on your computer but maintain a hard copy with your Passport ( in a safe place ) this avoids losing it when your computer crashes or gets stolen. In your current job you will have a performance appraisal or in absence of an appraisal you will get feedback on what you do well and of course what you need to improve upon. Take the positive feedback and describe it as an achievement on your resume. Do this every time you get positive feedback then your resume is always todate. When you change jobs immediately change your resume. When you get feedback at the end of your probation period then go to your resume and update it. The same goes for courses you take, upon completion put it on your resume. If you do this religiously your resume will always be up to date and you will always know where to find it. This is so simple and effective yet very few people do it.

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