Resumes-Part 2

02 October 2017 Categories: Gerry's Corner

As a follow up to my last article, I need to say, you need to put a Resume together when you are gainfully employed. When you are the happiest in your job then you are in the best state of mind to document the events in your employment history. You are also able to brag about your achievements and contributions made to your current and past employers. It is no different than writing your Biography or Memoirs, you want it to be interesting so people will want to read it.

Most people start writing a Resume when they are unhappy in their jobs and considering changing employers. Or worst, writing a Resume starts when we are out of a job and try to marathon through an important document in record time. Ex. I quit my job today so I will do my resume tonight so I can start my job search tomorrow. This is definitely the wrong strategy in fact it is a recipe for disaster. Over the years, I have seen many employees whom knew their jobs were ending in 6-12 months yet most of them did not start a resume till after they were out of work. This scenario is still all too common today. We are  trying to write an important document, which will determine our future success in the worst frame of mind. Developing an effective Resume takes lots of time and planning, no different than preparing for a good meal, settling an insurance claim, building a house or preparing for a Divorce. If you want to win, you need to develop a good strategic plan and have an effective tool.

Please, please do not even think about having someone else write your Resume. How can a third party write about your adventures. I have seen resumes written by Mothers, Sisters, girlfriends and wifes and unfortunately it does not do the person in the Resume any justice. Don’t forget, like in court you are the one that will be in the stand answering questions so you better know every word in that resume. I have seen individuals who had perfectly written Resumes yet in the interview they could not express themselves in the same manner, so what message are you really giving a prospective employer. Or I have interviewed people and asked a question based on information volunteered in the Resume and they would ask: Is that in my resume? You are best to go through the pain of preparing your own Resume and be ready to answer any question arising from that Resume.

Bottom line is, don’t rush into writing a resume but plan it out, keep it current and keep it in a safe place then your success will be assured.

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