22 January 2016 Categories: Gerry's Corner

Recently I have been working on some recruiting assignments. I noticed that the quality of resumes has deteriorated. With all the assistance available on line, at Education centers and general knowledge, why is the quality so poor on resumes? It may be because people don’t read or see their resume. I still have a problem seeing spelling mistakes and resumes sent in a hurry with wrong names, addresses, phone numbers, copies of resumes and cover letters sent to other companies. If you don’t take careĀ of details and how you present yourself then I cannot trust you to take care of my stuff and be responsible. Jobs are not hand outs to anybody, they are a responsibility. Good luck finding a responsible employer with that attitude. If you don’t care. I don’t want to see your resume.

On the other hand, resumes that are more than 4 pages long require too much time to read. I particularly dislike resumes that are not arranged in chronological order. These resumes read like a documentary. I don’t need a book to read before I go to bed. The people that submit these resumes are usually managers, therefore they have read resumes, interviewed and hired employees. They fail to ask themselves ” What will the reader see and think of this resume?”.

I love recruiting, resume reading, interviewing, etc. but I lose the love when I see “crap”. It is a waste of my time and surely not worthy of presentation to my client. I deal with only people that care.

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