Pet Peeves and Resumes

12 September 2014 Categories: Gerry's Corner

I have been working on a new recruiting assignment and here is some advice on what diminishes the value of a resume.

      I hate standard internet resumes. Some have you put a title or profession under your name. If you put Electrician don’t apply for a waitressing job. If you are a truck driver don’t apply for a telemarking position. Make sure your title matches the job you are applying to. I had one resume that said Miner and he was applying for a truck driving position. These errors send the messages “ I don’t care what I look like” or “ I am not good with details”.

    Don’t send me an email or cover letter or have an objective on your resume when it is addressed to someone else or for somebody else’s job posting. If you do, you have given me a lot of reasons for not reading any further.

     When you send a resume for a particular job make sure the resume is attached to your email. Don’t laugh! In roughly 100 resumes 15 of them had no resumes attached. I will not chase after your resume.

     These are simple rules that could make a big difference.

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