No Response

13 November 2013 Categories: Gerry's Corner

The 2 generations after me seem to be glued to their communication gadgets. Call these a number of names but essentially the younger generations cannot function without a hand held device. You see them everywhere with heads down, receiving, sending, reading, looking at things in these miniature TV/Computers. One day this summer I was walking the sidewalk to get to my destination and seen a young girl walking towards me looking at her device. I instantly knew we were on a collision course so I stop in the middle of the sidewalk and sure enough she bump into me. She excused herself and kept walking and I am assuming texting. I have been to Family gatherings where cousins sat across from each other and texted each other opposed to talking.

I have 3-4 Family gatherings per year and of course some do drop by to say hello. Every time they are visiting their phones never stop making noises. What really irritates me is they feel obligated to answer immediately all their calls or texts.

My question is, if everyone feels pressured in responding to a constant barrage of texts and messages, WHY can’t I get a reply to anything I send to them? I just can’t understand why everyone else is more important than me.

Sound familiar?

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