Missing Information

30 October 2013 Categories: Gerry's Corner

The past few months I have been recruiting for Sales Professionals for Halifax, Vancouver, Calgary, and of course the GTA. I was always of the mind that Sales people were well educated, good communicators and possessed some business savvy. My shock was to find a good majority of them cannot sell themselves via a resume just like the rest of the population. To place a certain perspective of this subject, I was recruiting for jobs that paid between $ 60k up to $ 200k.

My biggest surprise was the lack of pertinent information in the resume. Here is a sampling of missing information:

  • Tell me what products or services you have sold. Examples would be even better.
  • Tell me where the Companies you have worked for are located and whether they are a Manufacturer, Distributor or a retail outlet.
  • Tell me where you current live. Emails and cell numbers don’t cut it.
  • Include a cover letter not just a resume. Tell me why you think you qualify for this position.
  • Avoid manuscript resumes.
  • Avoid being too graphically creative with resumes. They really don’t sell. They are distracting.
  • Avoid sending too many attachments. I want to get to know you but I don’t need your whole life story.
  • Your sales ability should be showcased in your cover letter and resume NOT just words in the resume. Example: You tell me you can develop new markets with PowerPoint Presentations yet your resume reads like someone out of High School. Be consistent.

Remember, I have lots of resumes to briefly screen so if yours is too long, too complicated, lacks important information, etc. then you automatically either go in the NO pile or get deleted. In my Business as in most others, time is money therefore I do not have the time to investigate, look up information or call you for clarification.

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