13 November 2017 Categories: Gerry's Corner

Recently someone told me when describing a work situation that Managers should not be promoted to a Manager’s position unless they have or have had children. This person was adamant that there is a difference between Managers who have a family or not. She then starts enumerating the long list of skills required to raise a family which a non-family Manager does not have. I had never heard that point of view but it makes some sense. Being responsible for directing and leading a group of people takes the same set of skills as dealing with kids. In fact it is harder with adults because it is harder to teach them and change behaviours. If we take listening skills as an example, kids are infamous for wanting to be heard and get attention. Is that not the same as employees? Listening skills are one of the main complaints employees have. My Manager does not listen to me. Understanding and assessing situations are other skills which are tested by kids constantly. Having these skills would help a Manager in their daily routine. Communicating in various ways depending on the situation permits kids and employees to understand and learn. Organization skills are a must with kids. It must be practiced by the parent so that the child can learn from the role model. Employees require the same from their leader.

The list goes on and on. The more I thought of this concept which is not new, the more I realized she made a lot of sense. Again I learned that some solutions to our career challenges are obvious and already with us we just have to stop and think a little.


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