Late for Interviews

31 October 2013 Categories: Gerry's Corner

One of the most frustrating aspects of recruiting for Employers and Interviewers is applicants arriving late for the interview. Over the years I have heard a multitude of reasons for being late for an interview. The most common reason for lateness in recent years is my “GPS gave me the wrong directions”. I have taken my shots at Technology over the years and here is another one to add to my pet peeves. Moral of the story is DO NOT rely solely on your GPS. A job interview is one of the most important appointments you will ever have. So be on time and not too early because you will wait till your time. Some Businesses actually charge you for being late for an appointment or not showing for an appointment. If nothing else being on time indicates your interest and ability to meet commitments. Here are some other excuses I have heard over the years (these are not made up):

  • Mom/Wife did not wake me up on time.
  • I forgot I had to stop for gas.
  • I could not find the place.
  • I took my dog out this morning and he ran away, it took a while to find him.
  • I thought you said the interview was at another time.
  • I stopped at Tim Horton and met a friend. Lost track of time.
  • Lost my piece of paper with the time.
  • I could not get my parents car so I had to go to a friend and borrow his.
  • I did not realize you were so far from the bus stop.
  • I went out last night and overslept.
  • I did not think it mattered what time I arrived.
  • I am only 45 minutes late.
  • I had to stop and buy a new pair of shoes.
  • I did not have an umbrella so I waited till the rain stopped.
  • My cell phone died, so I could not find the time and your phone number.


The majority of people do show up on time but on any interview day there is 20-25% of people are late.


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