Land Lines

09 November 2014 Categories: Gerry's Corner

     Land Lines that were common to every household are slowly disappearing. Many households have cancelled their land lines for cell phones. Not sure that is a good idea. I can understand the cost savings but is it worth it? It used to be land lines or house phones were for family to call, in other words they were personal calls usually during the hours that you were not working so you could chat at leisure. Now cell phones rob you of any privacy. You get calls while you drive, in important meetings, in the bathroom, while eating, at anytime and anywhere. Most people do not manage their voicemail or their cell phones. Either you cannot reach them or cannot leave a message. If you leave a message they do not listen to the message or don’t call you back. It is just a free for all and it is getting more and more frustrating. Instead of phones allowing people to communicate more frequently they are alienating people and discouraging them to call. The cell phone has become a dreaded tool for both Business and in personal lives.

     Returning to my original subject of Land Lines, my frustration is as a grandparent. You cannot call your grandkids and keep in touch with the absence of Land Lines. You cannot call them on their Birthdays, after school to check on them or see how their day at school was. In an age of modern communications it is more difficult than ever to keep in touch. Try calling your grandchild and these are some of the comments you get:

  • I am in the bathroom, can you call back
  • I had to stay late at work so I am not home
  • I am in the garage and the kids are in the house
  • I am in a store and the kids are not with me
  • I am home but the kids are gone with their Dad, call him
  • I am walking the dog and the kids are at the house
  • I am jogging, call their Mom
  • Sorry this is Mary I borrowed your daughter’s phone
  • Sorry it took so long to call back I could not find my cell phone in the house
  • Sorry my phone died 2 days ago
  • Sorry I left my phone in the car over night


    It used to be kids fought to answer the house phone. They would actually race to the phone. Cell phones are everywhere and at times nowhere. Also when you called your grandkids you usually got at least one of them. Yes, yes, yes I know some household have multiple cell phones but who do you call. I surely do not want to call 5 or 6 numbers to track down and talk to one person. Who do I call my daughter, her husband or the kids Johnny, Jena, Fred. I am so confused and frustrated with phones. Bring back the Land Lines. Please.

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