17 April 2015 Categories: Gerry's Corner

A long time ago, an old man was playing with his Grandson. At one point he places the small boy on a chair and says “Jump” The young boy says “I will fall”. The Grandfather replies “No you will not fall because I will catch you” The boy hesitantly, jumps and falls on the floor. He gets up crying and the Grandfather says “Never trust anyone” I heard this story when I was very young. Not sure if it is because of this story that I am so distrusting or if it is part of my personal make up of being over analytical but it is the basis for my next story.

I know everyone is complaining about Hydro-One when it comes to cost, billings, service, etc. with no one listening to us. Here is a different personal experience. A few years ago, I chose to start reading my Hydro meter on a daily basis. Every day at the same approximate time I go out to get my mail and I take the reading from my meter. I have the new (time of use) meter. I record daily what my electrical usage is. Initially it permitted me to analyze my usage (24 hours) depending on the day of the week and what activity took place different from the previous day. At the start it helped me make a few changes to use more low-peak electricity rather than the high-peak. Over the last 2 years we have been able to reduce our high peak consumption to less than 20%. I have also been able to calculate certain appliance’s consumption and compare the usage when the appliance is on or off. The Education from this exercise has been invaluable. I now turn certain things off during the day and back on at night and the same for whether I am here or away. It has also permitted me to keep track of my consumption to verify Hydro-One’s calculations. During summer months I average 18-23 kilowatts a day and winter months are at 25-32 kilowatts. I can explain the fluctuations in usage in great detail. Example: number of people in house visiting, extra cooking, sub-pump usage, furnace, etc. I know it may sound anal but it is game for me and I enjoy it.

As much as I have control over my Hydro and masterminded my little system of analysis, I have a problem that I need help with. Recently, I had 2 consecutive days where my hydro usage is inexplicable. The one day my usage was 21 kilowatts. The day after was an identical day for usage except the Hydro was off for 8 hours because of windy weather. My reading for that day was higher at 28 kilowatts. What I can’t understand is why one 24 hour day uses 21kw and the following day of 16 hours used 28kw. What the hell is going on? There is no reason for this to happen. Are we getting ripped off or what? Hydro-One can you explain this?

Now can you see why I trust no one or anything?

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