Email/Voicemail Communications

01 November 2013 Categories: Gerry's Corner

Emails are great however I have found a distinct pattern as of late. People do not read the whole email. Probably influenced by the likes of Twitter, people now read only the first sentence in an email. It is indeed unfortunate when you have multiple items to discuss. I have one particular client that is notorious for not reading beyond the first line. Now a have to send him multiple emails of one line only to get my messages across. Emails are a quick means of communication and should be read in its entirety to get all the details of the message.


Voicemail has a similar problem to emails. People listen to a voicemail and either redial without listening to the message or listen to get the phone number and dial without listening to the whole message. What I do now is leave my whole message and only at the end give my number. I think this is working. A good example of this is with family members. You call them to tell them something and also tell them you are going out for a spell. They call you back and say “ I just got your message, where are you “ If you would have listened to the whole message you would know where I am and when would be to best time to call back.


The speed of communications today is great but I think we need some training on how to use it properly and maximizing on its use.

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