Digital Pictures

05 January 2016 Categories: Gerry's Corner

It is no secret that I have a problem with Technology. Inasmuch as some forms of Technology are great others cause more headaches than benefits. My issue today is Digital Pictures. The clarity and quality of digital pictures are, I admit, second to none. However the downside is we are losing the history that pictures represent. It used to be you took photographs ( as they were once called ) and placed them in albums. You once had photographs that started in black and white then in color and the color always got better. You were able to sit and flip through albums and see or show the history of your childhood right to modern day. Now everything stays in cameras or goes in computers. The ability to create masterpiece albums is there but very few people have the time to work at building these for future viewing. The consequences are the loss of valuable memories. I have family members that have lost all their pictures because the camera or computer crashed, stolen, got wet, deleted, etc. Those who have albums to see show them to you on cell phones where the screen is too small or has inappropriate lighting therefore you cannot see the picture or cannot appreciate the picture itself. On the computer, the same applies plus when there are a number of you trying to look at the pictures you can’t see the pictures properly. For those of us who are aging our eyesight is not what it used to be therefore looking at a small screen or a computer at an angle, does not make for an enjoyable experience. Yes if one would organize digital albums and have the ability to show these on a big screen TV, it would be the perfect scenario however the reality is who can afford the time and money for such an endeavor. I have fought this new technology till now and I am loosing. It is getting very difficult to find film for my camera and a place to have them developed. It is also very difficult to explain to the grandchildren that they have to wait till their next visit to see the pictures you just took of them.

When my kids had real cameras I used to get from them pictures that they took of their kids. I added these to my collection of albums. Now I very seldom if ever get to see the pictures they took. Let me get a picture of Pepe ( Grandpa in French ) with the grandkids. Then it is see this beautiful picture on my cell phone or digital camera never to be seen again. You can ask for a hard copy but you never get one. The funny thing is I get ganged up on the subject of updating my camera to digital but when there is an important event and they want pictures to display, example Birthday parties they are rifling through my pictures not their own. Why? I can’t find any pictures because I lost them on my camera or computer. I guess technology actually eats these pictures.

I will soon lose the battle of hanging on to the tried and proven. I will change and I will manage my memorable pictures and I will continue to be the source for memories. It is unfortunate that not everyone is managing their memories because it will be lost forever and they will regret this someday.

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