Bell New Charges

13 September 2014 Categories: Gerry's Corner

    Beware! Recently I scrutinized my Bell Telephone bill which I do from time to time and should do more often. Because phone bills can fluctuate usually because of long distance charges, we don’t check closely any of our bills regularly and when we do there is always a surprise. Bad enough we are being charged for touch tone feature which is now standard now there is an AREA SERVICE CHARGE. I called Bell to find out what this was and I was told:” the further you are from the closest communication center, the more you pay in service charge” Apparently this charge has been there for a year but has doubled in a year. Most of these companies are infamous for inventing new charges that keep creeping up on us.

      Consider this: Bell has approximately 19 million customers in Ontario alone, if they invent a new charge of only $ 1.00 per customer per bill that is $ 19M a month or $228M a year that they collect. I wish I could collect that kind of money by inventing new charges. What is wrong with our system? How come we continuously get ripped off like this?

    By the way, my area service charge is $ 4.00 a month. Ridiculous!

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