Bad Managers

11 November 2017 Categories: Gerry's Corner

In my dealings with employees, the most frequent comment I hear is      “I have a bad Manager”. Most employees do have bad Managers. There are many reasons for this, too many to enumerate in this blog. What almost all employees forget, as much as they are managed by someone else, is they have an obligation to manage themselves. It is too easy to blame others in particular the Manager. Employees have to take control of their own actions and be responsible for the outcomes. Have I had bad Managers in my Career? More than I dare to count.  You can be miserable in your job or you can do something about it. That does not mean quitting your job because chances are great you will find yourself with another bad Manager. It does not mean to complain to another Manager or Human Resources. You turn your miserable situation into a positive learning experience. Working for a bad Manager conditions you to become a better Manager at a later time. The key here is to learn to manage your Manager.

First of all you need to think and act like a Manager. Good Managers will study their employees and make notes of their strengths and weaknesses to better manage them. Therefore, you make a confidential list of your Manager’s strengths and weaknesses. You also make a list of your own strengths and weaknesses. You take note of the similar skills, habits and behaviors you and your boss have. Work these to better your relationship with your boss. The areas where you clash then need to be analyzed and determine what you need to change to make a difference. You may seek training on your own or identify someone in the company that could help you with the areas you want to improve. Seeking someone to help is easier than you think. To ask someone for help in improving yourself because you feel they are good at certain things is a very high compliment. It is very difficult for someone to turn down your request when you say I want to be like you or I want to develop skills like you. By working on your weaknesses and developing yourself will only make you happier and more valuable to the company. You also turn the focus on yourself instead of dwelling on your Manager’s deficiencies. By following this simple process, even though it will take time, you will have one of three possible results. Firstly, by being a better employee you will make your Manager look good. That is not a bad thing because either he will be promoted or moved possibly because the powers to be noticed you could do a better job. Secondly, maybe someone in the organization will notice your efforts and good work therefore wanting you on their team. Thirdly, at the very least you are developing yourself to take on new responsibilities therefore making you more valuable in the marketplace.

This simple process makes working life so much easier because you are doing something positive for yourself rather than waste valuable time criticizing the boss. Become the Manager he/she is not by working on the skill sets you need to become a Manager.

It took me a long time to realize this system but when I did my Career started to progress at a faster pace. Simple rule: Take control of your work life by becoming the Manager you can be. Gerry’s rule # 259.

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