Attitude=Success 3

27 January 2015 Categories: Gerry's Corner

         My Blog in November 2013 introduced you to this success story with a follow up in July 2014. Now this is the latest update. In 2014, this person managed to sell in excess of 140 vehicles. She won a number of monthly awards throughout the year. Late last year she was approach by management to see if she would be interested in a promotion. She thought about it and considered the new learning curve and also feeling like she had not totally mastered her previous job. In the end she accepted and she starts in early February.

       This person came to this job with no previous training only skills she could transfer. The industry was an unknown to her yet in a year and half she managed to go from Rookie to Manager beating out some 25 other competitors for this position. Yet I hear people complain there are no good jobs in the market. They would never consider an industry they are not familiar with. Hey!! Here is proof.

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