Too many attachments

13 April 2013 Categories: Gerry's Corner

      When applying for employment in person or electronically, only attached your cover letter and resume. Nothing else is necessary. The cover letter serves as an introduction and your resume is the details of your work and education history. Other documents or letters are not necessary to apply for employment. They may become important later in the process usually after an interview.

        Employment references should not be given till asked. It is personal information on your contacts that could be misused. Guard these contacts and only provide them when you are comfortable they are going to be used to help get that job. Written references are not very valuable because a good reference checker will want to talk to these people. Written references can be easily be forged therefore they are useless. Names and phone numbers are the best way to handle references.

       Transcripts are the same. They are proof of your academic achievements therefore they are private and should be used accordingly. Copies of certificates, licenses, trade tickets, diplomas, etc. should all be kept private and shared when it is absolutely necessary.

      Cover letters and resumes are the only 2 documents necessary to apply for employment. All other documents are submitted when asked as they are proof of what is in your resume or what you have disclosed in an interview. Providing too much information is as bad as not providing enough information besides you need to protect your privacy and what is important to you.