Strategic Organizational Solutions (SOS), is an e-service offered to those companies who want to better support their Managers with day-to-day employee performance issues.  This service is purchased in advance and is available to anyone in your company 24/7.  In absence of or to supplement current Human Resources support, this service is invaluable to the needs of Managers, Supervisors (especially Off-Shift Supervisors), Team Leaders, Lead Hands, etc.  Simply ask your questions on-line or by phone, and you will have your professional response within 1 – 2  hours.  Depending on the nature of the inquiry, your response is guaranteed within a maximum of 24 hours.

Many years of consulting and supporting clients needs has prompted CAG to create SOS to develop yet another approach to meeting contemporary demands.  Imagine results orientated advise and solutions only an e-mail or phone call away.  Call us immediately for further information.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • On call specialists
  • Consistency of services
  • Quick solutions
  • Invaluable for remote locations
  • Time effective management
  • Senior expertise at low cost
  • Proven practices
  • Supports corporate policy