Smart Meters

13 March 2011 Categories: Gerry's Corner

     By now we have all had our Electrical Meters changed to these Smart Meters. Today I received yet another notice from Hydro One reminding me of the inevitable changes in 2010-2011, where my daily/weekly routines will change dramatically and cost me more for electrical usage. Peak usage time will cost  us more than 2x the amount for off peak usage. Peak usage periods coincides with the times during the day where most people ( families ) are all together and where most domestic activities take place in the home with the exemption of the weekends. It is bad enough that my electricity cost me $ xxx but then it more than doubles once Hydro One adds a delivery charge, regulatory charges and to top it a debt retirement charge. You need to look at the information being sent to you to fully understand the impact on your daily life. Being that I use most of my electricity during peak usage times, I figure my annual cost of electricity will go up by 50% to 70 %. That is crazy. This will also be incurred during the year that our Ontario Government introduces the harmonized sales tax. Are we not still in a recession?

        Here are some examples of changes we will have to make.  Bear in mind to use the lowest cost electricity we will have to change certain daily activities to either weekends or between 9:00 pm  to 7:00 am during weekdays. The biggest impact will be to families and seniors.

       Imagine some of the following changes:

  • We may have to consider going back to the once a week shower/bath on the weekends unless we introduce a 5:00 am wake up for all family members to take their showers before 7:00 am.
  • No more washing/drying one pair of jeans when teenagers need them one hour before school or a date. ( maybe locks on appliances will be mandatory )
  • Seniors will have to go to bed at 6:00 pm so they can get up after 9:00 pm to wash their clothes/dishes and bake/cook. ( no more of Grammas’ home cooking or baking )
  • No more weekday dinner parties or family dinners where turkey or roast beef  is on the menu (cold buffet during weekdays )
  • No more Kraft dinner during the week
  • Those people whom heat with electricity in the winter will have to turn off their furnaces at 7:00 am till 9:00 pm to minimize cost
  • For those of us whom have Home Offices, the cost of doing Business will rise unless we sleep during the day without heat/ac and work at night
  • Those whom have hobbies at home that require power tools or the likes will have to become nocturnal or else learn to crocheting in the dark
  • No more lawn cuttting, hedge trimming, lawn/garden watering, deck building, etc. unless it is at night or on weekends
  • Contractors will have to bring their own generators for home renovations as there will be “no more plug in to my electricity”
  • No Christmas lights till everyone is in bed
  • No more beer refrigerator in the garage
  • We could invest in timers/programs for all our appliances, lights, furnaces, stoves, electronic devices and everything else requiring electricity except we would then need an I.T. Specialist on site for maintenance

          I have tried to make light of this 2010-2011 event but I really believe that these changes will actually put some people out of their homes especially those who heat with electricity. My big concern is for our seniors.