Small Business and Consultants

07 December 2011 Categories: Uncategorized

Recently there has been talk about Small Business and their need for Human Resources support. These Small Businesses usually have less than 100 employees and most have less than 40 employees. These same Businesses do not have any HR expertise therefore the owner, office manager, accounting clerk, plant manager or any manager take care of all the HR decisions. These decisions affect all employees and the organization itself with wages, benefits if any, labour laws, hiring, firing, training and more. It should be scary for Business Owners to make all these decisions with no HR training or support yet their decisions can grow the business or destroy it. I
know there are some Business Owners that have been doing this on their own for
decades without major problems but today’s world is far more complex and laden
with new regulations. Many Small Businesses rely on their Accountants to advise
them on HR issues but they have been trained in accounting not Human Resources.
Business Owners feel they don’t need or can’t afford HR specialist yet there
are an abundance of them around. Many are available on an as needed basis or
part time at a very reasonable cost considering what they can offer.

I have worked with Entrepreneurs and new start-up Businesses for more than 2 decades and the weakest link in the organization is usual the Owner. The managing of the whole business including the people in that business is their Achilles heel. Yet they persist in doing everything themselves like the old proverb “Jack/Jill of all trades and master of none” For the last 5 years I have tried to advertise and appeal to these
folks with little success. The shoe string operation eventually fails ( closes their
doors or declares Bankruptcy ). Or the money making organization pays big
dollars to Accountants and Lawyers to keep them afloat. I tried many years ago
to team up with Accountants to be a resource available to these organizations
because the Accountants are the first to notice the Owners or companies shortfall.
A good Business Management\Human Resources Professional can save the small
business from disaster. The added benefit I provide is training the Owner and
their Managers in skills that are unfamiliar to them. Longer term the Business
is able to deal with more of these issues therefore not needing further

Small Businesses are right, they do not need full time HR support but they do need some advice from time to time. A good HR Consultant can pay for himself/herself over time with good sound decision making and it is affordable. When I was teaching new Entrepreneurs in starting a new Business I always said to succeed they need 4 resources at their disposal at all times, a Lawyer, an Accountant, a Mentor and a good HR Specialist.