23 March 2011 Categories: Gerry's Corner

              Sometime ago I wrote a blog comparing the importance of resumes to passports. Today I want to share some observations on the quality of resumes that I have seen recently. As background information for this subject, I wish to qualify that I have read in excess of a million resumes during my career. Fortunately or unfortunately not much has changed with resumes over the last 30-40 years except content. Style and set up of resumes remain basically the same. The use of resumes has increased dramatically has it is expected that everyone should have at least 1-2 resumes.

       Recently I advertised for a specific position on behalf of a client. The quality of resumes was generally speaking way below expectations. The content was poorly written and presented with little information meeting the job requirements. My conclusion was people do not realize the importance of first impressions through a resume. Showing pride in a resume by detailing accomplishments is the key to a good presentation. Attention to detail is equally important in areas of font sizes, setup, contact information, coding resume documents to name only a few. There are 2 things people should keep in mind in writing a resume also known as Gerry’s rule 507-1 and 507-2.

      Firstly, when any potential employer looks at a resume they visualize the individual (first impressions) and ask themselves “Do I see this person interacting with my customers or working in a team?”, “Can I see this person working on my million dollar machine, in my office, on my computer, driving my trucks and equipment?” The care a person takes in drawing up a resume reflects on how they will take care of company equipment and fit in the organization. If a resume’s presentation indicates: “I don’t care, I only want the job” then good luck to you. Secondly, a Consultant like me will look at a resume and pretty much predict what a person’s salary should be, based on the quality of the resume. Example: This is a 30k salary type resume or a 50K salary resume. Imagine someone looking for a 60k salary job and their resume looks like a $ 10.00 an hour employee.

       To complicate matters, today’s world is going with computer programs that analyze the resume. There is no longer the human aspect of interpreting a resume. The computer programs seek words in the resume that match the job description’s key skills expected in the job. This means most resumes have to be customized to the job that they are applying to. Time consuming it is but necessary to get considered for the right job. Accordingly the time and effort spent on a resume is directly proportionate to the success of landing the perfect job. The poor quality resumes I received recently have the same chance of getting a job as winning a lottery.

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