Professional Courtesy

26 October 2012 Categories: Gerry's Corner

        It is time to vent. This week alone, I have had 2 incidents whereby Human Resources Managers contact me asking for information on my services. I have returned their calls a number of times and I am still waiting to hear back from them. If you found what you were looking for that is OK but at least have the decency to call me back and tell me so. Why would you call and then not return the call. This kind of behavior tells me from the start what kind of an organization this is and my guard goes up. If you can’t finish what you started then I wonder what type of Business relationship we would have. You called me then I courteously returned your call, why not return my call?

       I have been doing a fair amount of recruiting as of late thus I have advertised for certain positions and interested candidates have forwarded their resumes. I have contacted some of these applicants within 48 hours from receiving their resumes in some cases I have left 3 phone messages. I don’t get a call back. Why is this? You again wanting something and I called you but you don’t return the call. This I find is very frustrating to say the least.

In my practice I often hear from job applicants that companies never get back to them especially after having gone for one, two and even three interviews. I always get back to those that I have interviewed even if it means telling them that I am pursuing it with other candidates. I practice this because I am a Professional and it is these small details that make the difference.

I feel better now. Thanks for letting me vent.