Parking Lots

26 November 2010 Categories: Gerry's Corner

       Here is a story that some of you can relate to. Recently I went to my Doctor’s office to pick up some forms. Her office is in a Medical building that has monitored parking. The rule is, if you are parked less than 15 minutes it is free. Also you must get your ticket stamped by the Doctor’s office to get a discount of $ 2.00 on your ticket otherwise the parking fee goes up to $ 6.00. I parked and went to her office fully expecting to be there for more than 15 minutes. To my surprise my wait was minimal, received my forms and I left. I decided to take the stairs down instead of the elevator, in doing so I noticed that I was there less than 15 minutes. Great free parking today. I get into my truck and start to leave the parking lot towards the kiosk to show my ticket. Of course I am vehicle # 4 to get to the kiosk. I pull up to the attendant with a smile on my face because I was under the 15 minutes. I am waiting for the gate to open and she says $ 4.00 Sir. I said I was here less than 15 minutes. She starts to advise me that I was actually there for 17 minutes. But I said I was in line for at least 2 minutes to get to the kiosk. Sir she said again, that is not my fault, you have been here for 17 minutes so you owe $ 4.00. I said come on, this is close enogh especially considering there were 3 vehicles ahead of me to get to you. Sorry Sir, please pay or I’ll alert Security. Well I think this is totally unfair. Sorry Sir those are the rules. Under protest I paid the $ 4.00.

         The moral of this story is once again computers rule. The ticket clocked 17 minutes, you must pay. Unfortunaley Human intervention is not allowed. Common sense and customer relations do not apply in Parking lots. Next time, I’ll park longer just to make sure I get my money’s worth.