Outplacement 2

15 March 2011 Categories: Gerry's Corner

          Following my previous blog on this subject, today I will address the benefits of Outplacement services on the employee. First of all, this is an opportunity of a life time for anyone. Imagine having a Specialist for FREE to help you re-organize your career life. The Company that has terminated your employment has so generously paid someone to help assess, analyze and re-direct your career. Not only do you have these resources at your disposal but while you still enjoy a paycheck, you can analyze your track record, explore new avenues of employment including possibly starting a small business, upgrading your skills set by taking a few courses, consider taking early retirement, changing your career expectation to better suit your current lifestyle. The possibilities are endless. Most people have to do all of this while still working. Now you can devote your time fully to this new direction. Knowing the future means tougher job opportunities, shorter tenures with companies, sometimes less money, more demanding home responsibilities, here is the opportunity to assess and re-organize your work and personal life.

       Here are some interesting observations. The youths aged between 20 to 30 feel they do not need such services because they have a resume already at hand. What they do not appreciate is what they learned in College and University about job searching lacks some practicality in understanding the process Companies go thru to identify the right candidates. The group between the ages of 30 to 45 is the most opened to Outplacement services. They feel they are rusty in their search/ interviewing skills and feel they can learn more. The 45 years old and up are the most reluctant. Their ego stands in the way of learning and their fear of admitting they need help stymies their ability to reach out for help. Yet this group stands to gain the most. These are strictly general observations in concert with our experience.

       Companies offer these Outplacement services to exiting employees with the option of taking or refusing the services. It is amazing how many turn down these free services and don’t see their real value.

       Some 30 years ago I was offered these services after being downsized. Following some thought I actually turned down the Outplacement services and traded them for being allowed to continue using my office and secretary to conduct my job search. My search took off rapidly and in a short time I was into job interviews. My boss at the time was so impressed that he asked me if I would conduct group/individual coaching to the administrative staff which were downsized but not given any Outplacement services. He wanted me to share what was working so well for me. I continued to offer these services to that company way after I was located into my new Company. Hence this was the start of my Career Transitions Coaching Career.

      At CAG we pride ourselves in being able to analyze our client’s needs and meet or exceed their expectations.