CAG offers professional and confidential one on one services for those managers or employees who have been displaced due to economic restructuring.  Our services are mobile, in other words we go to your employees with our services, instead of them coming to our offices. Our track record and proven systems have earned us the respect of our corporate clients.

We also provide workshops and seminars to groups of displaced employees. For large groups we can set up career centers on site for your employee’s convenience.

Outplacement / Career Transitions

CAG can provide custom programs for those who want to take action towards a new career path.  Career Transitioning can help you identify and achieve realistic goals.
The CAG steps to career path success:
  • Rebuilding self-esteem
  • Managing change
  • Identifying strengths and interests
  • Setting realistic, achievable goals
  • Creating a results-oriented resume
  • Role-playing interviews
  • Telemarketing skills as a power tool
  • Training on negotiation skills
  • Maximizing on networking skills
  • Internet job search

CAG can even help with starting your own business!