New Resumes

12 April 2013 Categories: Gerry's Corner

  •        There seems to be some new Career Counsellors that are giving bad advice to people writing or re-writing their resumes. First of all a one page resume does not cut it. The purpose of a resume is to tell the prospective employer about acquired skills, education and a history of where and how the skills were learned. Sorry but you cannot accomplish that in a one page resume even if you are a new graduate and even more difficult if you have 20 years of experience. I am not advocating what I call a Harlequin book of 5-6 pages but 1 to 3 pages depending on background is not out of line. Omitting dates of employment is not acceptable either. Omitting dates is like talking about a historic war and not mentioning the dates. The resume is a history of our accomplishments. When I have lots of resumes to consider I do not have the time or patience to guess at information or call people to give me what I need to make a decision. Bottom line is a short resume misses the opportunity. I have seen an increasing number of these types of resumes as of late. Whoever is giving this advice has never worked for an employer and therefore has no idea what they are talking about. A very easy way to put this to the acid test, is ask yourself if I was hiring someone to work for me does this resume give what I need to know to decide whether it is worth my time to meet this person let alone hiring them.

Here are my recommendations for what a resume should include:

  • Give me the dates of where you worked
  • Tell me about the Companies you worked for, I don’t know all the companies in the market
  • Don’t tell me what you were paid to do but rather tell me what you learned, what you accomplished, what new skills you left with
  • Tell me about your work history so I can see your career journey in terms of your personal growth and development
  • Tell me what your Education is as well as why you made those choices
  • List your personal hobbies and interest, it will tell me more about who you are
  • Tell me your future goals and aspirations
  • Write your resume to entice me to want to meet you

If you were writing your Biography what would you tell people about yourself? The resume is the key that opens the door to people who want to meet you. It does not guarantee you the job but it surely gets you closer.

Here is one final comment. When someone gives you advice you have the right to decide does it make sense for you then take what you think are good ideas and come up with your own personally designed resume.