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30 September 2010 Categories: Gerry's Corner

          I started Blogging a year and half ago, since then close acquaintances have made the comment that my blogs are too long. Blogs are supposed to be short they say. In my defence, my blogs are stories not a reply to an email. I enjoy writing and I like to tell the whole story not a partial one where assumptions have to be made or things need to be interpreted. Part of my personal makeup  is I never have a short answer to anything. You will always get the long version. When I used to scold my kids for some wrong doings, when they got older they used to ask me to tell them what they did wrong and save the speech. Even today, they will ask me a question then they specify that they want the short version and not the seminar version. When I used to give talks to groups or facilitate workshops and seminars, I could start with 1 hour of material and stretch it to 3 hours. Some Family members and students in my classes would play a game with me which constituted giving me a random subject and see how long I could talk on the subject. I guess you could say I was good at improvising. Maybe I should have had a career in Improv Comedy!!

       My point is I will not change. Whether in my writings or in oral delivery I will always have lots to say hence no short story always the long story.

      Now my second point is today’s communications. With emails, texting, twitting etc. communications are short and getting even shorter. I am not sure that these communications really save time and money. There is no clarity and a lot of room for interpretations therefore errors. The days of making communications idiot proof and making sure the receiver understood the message clearly seem to be a thing of the past. It used to be that in written or oral communications you would repeat the message using different words at least 3 times for the receiver to understand and remember the message. Now the errors and misunderstandings in communications are at an all-time high. You see it in Business and personal life. Texting between parents and children are ridiculous. 90% of the communications are not received or understood. What ever happened to the days of facing someone to talk to them? The speed of communications today has many benefits but on the reverse it is causing many other problems that no one seems to be addressing. I do not subscribe to texting and unfortunately I have been forced to use email but I still prefer to say Hello and Thank You in my communications. I also prefer using the phone to talk to people and actually hear their voices and pick up on hidden messages from their voice tones rather than reading electronic words. Having said that, what am I doing writing Blogs??

     I know I am old school but there are values in old school that I will continue to hang onto because the price we will pay for the alternative is more than I am prepared to pay. My Blogs will not change and I Thank those of you that take the time to read these.