Live your Life

09 December 2010 Categories: Gerry's Corner

            We all know people who have made a difference in the world or in their lives. Some would call these people Heroes because of their accomplishments. These people are in the history books and some are living today pursuing their dreams. My Mother and Father are 2 examples of such people. Many individuals choose to coast through life rather than living it to its’ fullest. My message today is what we will call “ Food for thought “

       Live everyday of your life as if it was your last. Make an impact on your family, your community, your country and maybe the world. Live your life with passion and purpose knowing that you can make a difference, don’t be content to “ just get through “ life, live it to your fullest potential. Remember, in the end it’s what you have done in this world not that you were just here, that is important. We are here for only a short period of time, make it count.