Hiring Advice for Employers

06 December 2011 Categories: Gerry's Corner

My recent blogs have been advice to candidates who are seeking employment. Today I want to deal with the #1 complaint from people who are looking and applying for jobs. The main complaint is poor communications from hiring companies. The complaint can be expanded to include: no replies after applying for employment, long waits for interviews and follow up after interviews, no timely feedback, too many people involved in interview process, mixed messages and brutal endings. Anyone who has worked in a hiring capacity knows the frustration in attracting, interviewing, checking and hiring new employees. The process involves a lot of communications, time management and coordination.

To set the stage, there are mainly 2 groups of companies. Large companies are those with 500 employees plus and small companies have 500 employees or less this includes those who have 10-50 employees. Most large companies usually have a fairly sophisticated hiring process although some are very complicated and cumbersome. Because of the volumes of applicants and number of positions to fill, the ability to respond to everyone is next to impossible. However once you get into the system the
communications are usually better. The bigger issue is with small companies as
they try to imitate the larger organizations with the absence of hiring
policies and qualified hiring Professionals. With no HR department, Small
companies try to do too much by themselves and expect regular staff to find the
time to participate in the hiring process without having the proper training or
time. The results are devastating, starting with bad selection of hires to bad
imaging in the marketplace. The first solution is to invest and hire trained
Professionals to take charge of the whole hiring process so that the hiring
Managers only deal with the short list of candidates that meet their needs. The
Professionals should still be involved to assist the hiring Managers with
interviewing advice and final selection. The right Professionals can assist
usually on site with the gathering of resumes, screening resumes, telephone
interviews, face to face initial interviews, ongoing communications with
potential candidates and even unsuccessful candidates. The hiring process is
long and tedious but if managed the right way it can produce long lasting
effects not forgetting about good hires and good relations for future hiring.

One last comment: if you are not trained in proper hiring techniques then do yourself a favor and hire a specialist. As Operation Managers/Supervisors you are trained to manage the team which means to select the best people for the team. Leave the rest of the hiring process to trained Professionals to help you.