Hidden Messages in a Resume

07 October 2011 Categories: Gerry's Corner

           A resume is a short version of what you are looking for and your work experience. It is also a written document to qualify you for a specific job opening.

Based on my last blog, here are a few hidden messages that are conveyed in poorly written resume.


  • No attention to detail
  • Don’t care what I look like
  • Not well organized
  • Lack of computer skills
  • Written communication is not my strength
  • My oral communication skills are as good as my writing skills
  • I just want a job
  • My resume is not that important that is why I had it crumpled in my back pocket
  • I will take care of your equipment with the same care as I take with my resume
  • Correct information is not important to me
  • Long tenure with employers is not important
  • My math skills are as good as my spelling skills


        These are just a few examples of hidden messages that interviewers pick up when reading a resume. If the purpose of a resume is to assist in obtaining your next job opportunity then why not spend the time and do a GOOD resume?