Farm Tractors

27 October 2012 Categories: Gerry's Corner

       This year I had Thanksgiving Dinner with my siblings who live 5 hours from here in Southwestern Ontario. This is the 1st Thanksgiving back home in probably 4 decades. Bear in mind Thanksgiving has been traditionally celebrated locally with my kids and today with the blended family. This year was been the first time too many family members were working and Thanksgiving was cancelled hence an opportunity to celebrate with my other family.


The dinner was hosted by my sister and 2 of her daughters. Needless to say it was a feast for an army. My brother in law and my sister owned the largest Tow Truck Company in Southwestern Ontario. They have some 36 trucks at their disposal for various assignments ranging from car accidents, truck roll overs, transportation of boats and small planes, right siding silos, etc. My brother in law built his first tow truck at the age of 14 before he had his driver’s license obviously he has the business in his blood. His real love is the mechanics of the trucks including creating and building new trucks. He did hold the honour of building the first North American truck with the longest boom to pick up to 80 tons. He designed the truck and built the boom from metal used in space flights.


Believe or not he is semi-retired but still tinkering with mechanics. A decade or more ago he started a new hobby of collecting old Farm Tractors and Farm Machinery. His love is not restoring the tractor to its original look but to make sure they run like they were new. Today is owns over 200 tractors of every size model, colour, brand imaginable dating back to late 1800. He evens has a restored Steam Engine that he uses at shows and fairs with a thrashing machine.

He also has an equal number of farm machinery like combines, ploughs, seeders, discs, harrows and more. He has built from old parts miniature replica tractors and wagons for kids to ride. During our visit I would ask questions about some of these tractors and his best explanation would be, listen to this and he would start the tractor. All 200 tractors can start on the first try. This is where he is the most proud, listening to this machines start like they were brand new. His kids have now catalogued all these tractors with pictures, where and when they built, serial numbers, the horsepower and other pertinent information on the unit.


What an accomplishment! What a treasure! Good for you Brother in law.