Employment Phone Calls

09 April 2013 Categories: Gerry's Corner

      Hello I’m back. Yes I have once again neglected my blogs. No excuses this time. The next few blogs will be sharing my recent experiences over the last 6 months in recruiting. The range of recruiting has been from General Manager to Maintenance Technicians to Administrative clerks involving some 1000 plus resumes and 100’s of telephone calls.

       One of my main pet peeves is the phone numbers on resumes. You would think that when you are looking for employment you would be prepared to receive phone calls. You would not believe the high number of people who give you a cell phone number and have no voicemail. How many times do you think I will call to reach someone? Many people have no proper salutation to greet the caller. Salutations don’t have to be elaborate but there is a difference between expecting calls from your buds or girlfriend/boyfriend and a business call like from a recruiter or potential employer. Your greeting message is a 1st impression of who you are as well as the message you may leave when you call back. This does not require a Master’s degree but rather a little common sense.

      When someone leaves you a message about possible employment and you call back, listen to the instructions and be prepared as if you were walking into an interview. Here are a few simple rules:

  • Ø Don’t return the call at 2:00 am after your shift
  • Ø Don’t call back while driving, you may have to take down some important information
  • Ø Don’t call when you have your drunken buddies in the back seat
  • Ø Don’t call as you pull up to the Tim Horton’s drive thru
  • Ø Don’t call when you have a screaming baby in your arms
  • Ø Don’t call when you are walking your barking dog
  • Ø Don’t call from work while you are working at a grinding machine
  • Ø Please don’t call when you have loud rap music on
  • Ø Don’t ask me to send you an email instead of answering my questions
  • Ø Don’t use profane language
  • Ø Don’t take other calls and put me on hold
  • Ø Don’t return the call 4-5 days later
  • Ø Please identify yourself and leave your phone number ( don’t say “ this is Joe call me back”


     The rules are simple. The phone call you take or return may change your life and surely your employment situation. Treat the call as important to you and be prepared for a conversation. Everything you do from your phone message to how you answer the phone and how you communicate is all part of my assessment of you. All of these simple things can make the difference between getting an interview or missing out on the interview.

       A little effort and common sense can make a big difference.