Employment Insurance

20 October 2012 Categories: Gerry's Corner

          I had a friend drop by to say hello and catch up on things. To my surprise he shared a story that floored me. I had heard Employment Insurance had made some changes but I am not well versed on all the details mainly because Self-Employed people are not entitled to such benefits. Apparently my friend worked for 14 months after having been on E.I. for a short time and unfortunately suffered a medical illness that prompted some absence. Doctor and Specialist appointments caused these absences including 2 leave of absences of 5 days each. His employer concluded he was unable to perform his duties on a regular basis therefore fired him. He applied for E.I. assistance and was turned down because he was fired and not laid off therefore his contributions for those 14 months were not taken into account hence his claim is added to his former claim. This reduces his claim to mere months rather than going back to a full year if he needed it. It is not the right time to take away such benefits in an Economic Depression. The average worker has suffered enough. It is just not right.