Dry Well

31 August 2012 Categories: Gerry's Corner

          This year was my turn to host the Family Reunion for my side of the Family. Hence we booked August 11th for the Reunion. Traditionally we have always had the reunion around this date to commemorate my late Dad’s Birthday on August 10th. My Family is comprised of 3 sisters and 2 brothers who all live in Southwestern Ontario. I’m the only one who left the homestead some 40 years ago to pursue my career. It never prevented me from staying in close touch with my siblings. Being the oldest in the Family I was raised to believe that if anything happened to my Mom and Dad I was the one next in line and responsible for raising my brothers and sisters. I took that role very seriously and today in spite of the physical distance between us, I still look over and keep in close touch with everyone. Anyway these reunions are booked at least a year ahead therefore giving everyone lots of time to plan to be present. My one sister came over 4 days ahead of time to give us a helping hand. My other sister made a point of coming one day early to help as well. These reunions are great but end way to quickly to be able to enjoy all family members equally. Nonetheless we make due and usually have a lot of fun playing games, catching up on our lives, eating extremely well and having many laughs. When we were kids, it was common for our parents to entertain where lots of good food and lots of laughter dominated the atmosphere. I guess we learned from our parents and today the same takes place but with a twist. Because we don’t get together as often as we would like to, we love to laugh and kid each other but it is in a form of a roast. If you have ever watched a celebrity roast on TV then you have an idea of how brutal it can get. Once we get going, everyone gets a piece of it. We refer to things that we did as kids, teenagers and adults. There is no malice but just a lot of laughs. Being the oldest I seem to be a very common target or subject.

         Each year there is usually something very memorable about the event. This year was no exception. Our Mother passed away 21 years ago and our Dad left us 8 years ago and that is when we started this tradition of having an annual family reunion. In that time only once did we have rain and had to have the event inside rather than outside. This year following the long drought, we had to have a rainy day for the event. Not a big problem so we held the event in the house and garage then it happened. At 2:00 pm in the afternoon the well went dry. We knew that the well was low because of the drought and advised our guest to conserve water but that did not stop the inevitable. Now we had to shut the water off and sparingly use it when absolutely needed. It was inconvenient but we managed. After all we were raised on a farm. Rain does not stop us from walking in it and with lots of bush on my property, you figure it out.

The reunion as usual was all too short but we enjoyed ourselves and are now looking forward to next year’s reunion hosted by my sister.