Cold Calling-Telemarketing

20 January 2011 Categories: Gerry's Corner

I am preparing for an upcoming cold calling/telemarketing workshop for new entrepreneurs offering personal/business services.

Both terms — cold calling and telemarketing instill a certain fear and disgust for both the person making calls and those receiving calls. The reality is: cold calling/telemarketing works. That is why it exists and persists.

For those of you who need this tool to grow your Business and build your customer base, here are a few quick hints:

  • Use a pleasantĀ and confident tone of voice
  • Be Brief
  • Remember– You only have a few seconds to make a good impression
  • Be Professional
  • Use a miror to practice before you make calls
  • Ask yourself- Would I buy from this person in the mirror?
  • Keep notes of your conversation for follow up
  • Thank your contact whether you get the sale or not
  • Be prepared to do follow up calls
  • Ask if there is anyone else you should contact about your service
  • Be prepared to make hundreds and hundreds of calls.

You do have experience in cold calling. In your life experiences, you have had to call people you have never talked to before to get information. Example: Schools, Municipalities, Contractors, Lawyers, Accountants, Government agencies, Internet, etc. Cold calling is not new to you. You have had to use it many times in the past so embrace it as a skill you already have.

The more you use cold calling, the better you get at it. In other words, practice makes perfect.