Client Data Base

22 January 2011 Categories: Gerry's Corner

As a follow up to my previous Blog on Cold Calling/Telemarketing, I want to share some ideas on developing a client/customer/supplier Data Base. The gathering of  information for a good Data Base is tedious, time consuming and never ending. However the value of this list is the key to your success in developing, growing and maintaining your Business. Any good Salesperson will confirm that without such a list there will be no Business. Many Salespeople still have their first contacts from 10 to 30 years ago. A well maintained contact list is ageless in fact sometimes when you close a Business such a list can be sold with the Business or to another Business.

A simple list will include contact names, phone numbers, company names, email addresses, mailing addresses and even locations. Depending on your particular Business, you may choose to have elaborate client information. Here are some hints to start, develop and maintain a client Data Base:

  1. Do a brainstorming and list all the people you know ( names/phone numbers )  Eventually you will separate this list into contacts which are for networking purposes only ( they will never buy from you ) and those contacts that are potential clients/customers.
  2. Dig out every business card you have ever collected. You should call to verify that the information is still current then add them to your list.
  3. Get names from hard copy Directories and the Internet.
  4. Start calling your contact list

— to qualify potential buyers

— to identify potential buyers

— to collect other names and phone numbers

—  to collect referrals

5.   Keep your list updated by making changes to client profiles following every conversation with them

6.  Be consistent and work your contact list regularly ( not every 3 months or annually )

7.  Value this contact list as your life line

8.  Know that your contact list will grow in value over time much like a Mutual Fund

The tools you choose to manage this Data Base are a personal choice. Computers can manage these for you as complex or as simple as you choose to make it. You can easily have the computer remind you to follow up on specific contacts.

If you are to be successful in any Business, a Data Base of potential clients/customers is the key to that success. Guard the ownership of this list if you have anyone working for you from this list. This is how new Entrepreneurs may choose to start their own Business by using your contact list.