Christmas Cards

18 December 2014 Categories: Gerry's Corner

      Once upon a time, kids would wait in the window for the “Mailman” as it was called at the time, for mail to be delivered in hopes that some mail may be for them. On special occasions like Birthdays, Easter and Christmas, they were even more attentive hoping a card, envelope or gift would be delivered. Those were special moments in some of our memories. Today, moments like those from yesteryears are gone forever. It is so sad.

      I am old school, mailing Christmas cards every year to people important to me on their special days is a tradition. Most cards go to Family members especially the grandkids. This year like every year, I take the time to choose an appropriate card for everyone and mail it. I also include special words or comments in every card. In addition to friends and Family members I addressed 5 cards to our kids then 8 cards to our grandkids. I mailed the grandkids cards 3 days before the kid’s cards so the grandkids would feel special getting a card before their parents. We also have a tradition of having our Christmas dinner at least a week before Christmas so not to interfere with other commitments at Christmas. Our day this year was December 13th. Everyone was present, we exchanged gifts, had a couple of great meals and lots of laughs.

     Even though our Christmas gathering was fantastic when it was finished and all were gone I had some sadness. After sending 13 cards to 18 people, not one made mention of receiving my cards. Did they not receive it? Did all of them not open their cards? Were they too busy with their hand held devices to enjoy what was sent? Did they just forget? Will it ever be a memory of what Grandpa did? If I stopped sending cards would they even notice? Is it a memory to text someone good wishes? I really think society is heading towards a future with no past and memories.