Career Relocation

07 September 2012 Categories: Gerry's Corner

              Our Business provides many services of which one is Career Relocation. This service can also be referred to as: Career Transition, Outplacement, Career Counselling and sometimes Career Coaching. Most of the time Organizations will hire us to work with an individual(s) who is being downsized or let go. The reasons for termination are unimportant but what is important is the Organization feels a need to help the person with their transition to another company. These assignments are never easy. The affected person is forced to make changes that they were unprepared for. Usually there are happy endings to these journeys.

       On rare occasions some individuals seek Professional help to assist them in a Career change they wish to make. These services are usually not inexpensive. My experience has been that the more senior the person ( not in age ) is in an organization the more difficult they are to deal with. For one they expect more out of the program than is explained to them. They feel most of the work should be done by the Consultant like writing a resume and even finding a new job. The resume is a business documentary of one’s work history and can only be best described by the person who has the history. When it comes to Interviewing Skills, no matter how many people the individual has hired in the past or how senior they were in an Organization they fail to realize that now they have to sell themselves therefore they are being assessed. This is very difficult being on the other side of the table. Somehow they feel that their track record should speak for itself. The management of the process for identifying and seeking out new opportunities is tedious, lengthy, some of the time cumbersome and requires a lot of focus and patience. Most Executives are unprepared for this reality. The rank and file employee usually is more open and flexible to follow a career seeking program.

Our Programs are flexible and adaptable to anyone but our biggest challenge is the Senior Managers or Executives.