Book Writing

22 June 2011 Categories: Gerry's Corner

             I have always had a dream even as a child to write. In adult life I contemplated writing a book or two. The problem was always where do I find the time to devote to such a project and how do I start. As life went on and time passed the dream still would cross my mind. A year ago I saw an ad in a small local tabloid advertising services to write one’s memoirs. Curiosity made me pick up the phone and call the writer. She was a young woman on maternity leave wanting to pursue a possible career in writing people’s memoirs. I met Rebecca for an initial meeting and found she had a passion to capture in print the life of other people. She felt that there was a rich history of stories in people’s lives that needed to be told, repeated and even immortalized by writing about them. She was educated in English Literature and enjoyed writing but found immense pleasure in writing other people’s stories. I was sufficiently impressed with Rebecca to start working with her and start pursuing my dream.

       In the last year I have had 3-4 meetings a month with Rebecca telling her about my humble beginnings, childhood, ancestry, teenage hood, adult life, marriages, children, business life, etc. and we are still not finished. Our work so far is a collage of information and stories with some visuals supporting my recollections. We are not sure what the end product will be yet but we have multiple ideas. If nothing else it will be a writing about my life maybe for publication and yet maybe only for my personal use and satisfaction.

        There has been one amazing thing come out of this project which I did not expect and that was the emotional journey that I have travelled during the last year. By telling your life story it is impossible not to re-live the good and bad moments that you have experienced. Sometimes these moments stroke your pride and yet other moments tear the heart out of chest because they were your most emotional times. There were times where I carried these memories for days after telling the story. Thru good and bad moments I feel I have been blessed with the opportunity of not only recording my life experiences but in the process re-living them. It is not a journey for everyone to take but it is a journey that I am enjoying. Hopefully some readers someday may enjoy my stories. I thank Rebecca for being so patient and understanding while working with me. Our work will be in progress for a long time yet but it will be worth every minute put into it.

       As a final note, I would encourage readers to consider capturing their memories so they can be shared with others before they are gone forever. We all have funny stories, moments of pain to share, lessons learned and if nothing else all of our lives are unique therefore why not share them with others who want to hear them.