27 August 2012 Categories: Gerry's Corner

          Once again I find myself embarrassed to ask for forgiveness with my lack of recent blogging. My main excuse is an old cliché that says “ I was too busy “. The last 3-4 months have been extremely busy with new work and assignments as well as taking on some personal projects. All will be revealed in upcoming Blogs.

         One of the many traits I’m told I have is asking what could be a very irritating question. “ What have I or you learned from that experience”. It is a question that I have used since my early career days with much success. It is a question that fits nicely knowing we learn from our mistakes. However it is questionable if some people ever ask themselves this question. I have raised my children with this question in mind and today I see them using the same with their children. Even today my children being adults with their own families can predict when I’m about to ask this question. Part of the theme for my next few blogs will have this component to it.

Enjoy the reading and ask yourself what did I learn from his comments or experiences?