Big Screens, Little Screens

22 April 2012 Categories: Gerry's Corner

Time to complain again or maybe it is just an observation. There was a time where the only screen displaying moving pictures was the television set for home viewing. Initially it was only black and white. Today any house depending on the number of occupants has a minimum of 5 to 10 devices that display moving pictures. The original TV set started with a viewing area of 10-12 inches and slowly got much larger. Today the array of choices for screens particularly for Home Entertainment Centres has grown to 72 inches and larger. Even computer screens can be as large as you want them. For an aging population I think this is great. We have to admit our eyesight is not what it used to be.

Where I draw the line and fail to see the sense, is the enjoyment of watching a movie or any broadcasted program on cell phones with a 2 by 2 inch screen. We leave the house with a 72 inch screen then go to a car to watch the same thing on a 2 inch screen. Am I going crazy or is it the rest of the world?? Think about it.