Being a Dad

22 October 2012 Categories: Gerry's Corner

         The other day while driving I was listening to the radio when the Announcers got into a conversation about what they remembered as youngsters about their Dads. This conversation was prompted by seeing their Dads at Thanksgiving. This got me to thinking about my days as a Dad raising 3 Daughters. As Dads we all have done good, bad and funny things. Here are a few of my crazier moments as a Dad.


This one time my second daughter invited a new boyfriend for a Saturday dinner to meet the Family. His name was Clint. He was a high school football player standing 6” 4’ tall and as lean as stud ( horse term ). A Father’s nightmare he was. My then wife made a meatball dinner. As the food was passed around, Clint was filling his plate like it was a platter. He may have been a growing boy but I was afraid that there would be no leftovers for me so as he started wolfing down his meatballs I very wisely made the comment “ Not bad for road kill “ My daughter was naturally upset with me but it sure curbed his appetite and I did have leftovers after all.


I use to be infamous for asking new boyfriends things like: Do you have a job?, How much money do you have in the bank?,  What career have you chosen?,  Is your car paid for?, Have you ever been in jail?, Why are you here today?, and more. I have been accused by my girls that I saw new boyfriends as an opportunity for free labour. I thought the boyfriends would welcome the opportunity to flex their muscles for my daughters besides what better way is there to get to know these young men and determine what kind of workers they are. The ones I had most fun with were the nerdy ones because they hated getting their hands dirty. It sure took a lot of them before my girls found the right one. Apparently some did not want to come back to the house. I wonder why? I am sure it is not because of something Dad did or said.