A Bad Interview

23 April 2012 Categories: Gerry's Corner

Recently I heard a story from a friend looking for work that is worth sharing. I will call this friend Martin. Martin applied by phone for a job he saw in a local advertisement, I believe it was in a newspaper. He spoke to someone who identified himself as the owner and booked him for an interview. Martin showed up on time, properly dressed for an interview and very excited about the new possibility for work. The gentleman he spoke to on the phone re-iterated the job as described in the ad. The need was for someone who had experience with tools and materials to build houses, cottages, decks and do landscaping. This company built exclusively for owners of Million dollar homes and cottages on water in cottage country. The opportunity sounded quite upscale.

Martin arrives to his destination quite surprised. The location was remote and the building looked like a 50 year old garage with 2 bay doors and a small office to the side. He goes to the office and finds no one there. He proceeds to call out the gentleman’s name then starts yelling quite loud. He was sure he had entered an un locked abandoned building. He starts walking out then he hears his name being called. The person asked him if he was here for an interview. The answer was yes. This person identifies himself as the owner. This is where it turns from bad to worse. The owner was dressed and looked like a homeless person. He had old clothes as if he was fixing his pickup. He had long unwashed greasy hair. His boots looked like he had them since childhood. Martin did notice some landscaping equipment and truck in the yard when he arrived but they looked like they had not been used in years. The owner instead of questioning Martin about his experience starts bragging about all the work he has done for his Millionaire clients. In fact at one point this owner bragged that he did not work for anybody unless they had Million Dollar summer homes. He then proceeds to ask Martin when he would like to start working. After only 15 minutes with this self- proclaimed owner of a successful business, Martin got up and said “ I hope you don’t mind if I don’t shake your hand but I think you know what you can do with your job “ and left. May not be the most Professional exit but what else can you do in a situation like that.