Attitude=Success 3

27 January 2015 Categories: Gerry's Corner

         My Blog in November 2013 introduced you to this success story with a follow up in July 2014. Now this is the latest update. In 2014, this person managed to sell in excess of 140 vehicles. She won a number of monthly awards throughout the year. Late last year she was approach by management to see if she would be interested in a promotion. She thought about it and considered the new learning curve and also feeling like she had not totally mastered her previous job. In the end she accepted and she starts in early February.

       This person came to this job with no previous training only skills she could transfer. The industry was an unknown to her yet in a year and half she managed to go from Rookie to Manager beating out some 25 other competitors for this position. Yet I hear people complain there are no good jobs in the market. They would never consider an industry they are not familiar with. Hey!! Here is proof.

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Gas Prices

26 January 2015 Categories: Gerry's Corner

 Check the following numbers. This is not a test or joke. Ask yourself what you see in these numbers.

      Price per Barrel              Gas Pumps Price           Date

      $ 79.00                                 $ 1.25                           December, 2011

      $ 103.00                               $ 1.32                           April, 2012

      $ 110.00                               $ 1.40                           Not Sure

       $ 46.00                                 $  .81                            Current

       Is there any logic to this? Could a Mathematics Analyst make sense of this? I am just throwing it out there.


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New Year’s Resolutions

06 January 2015 Categories: Gerry's Corner

This is a term that most of us dislike and even more of us ignore. Fortunately it is a great time of the year to ponder over our accomplishments and difficulties of the previous year. In doing so we are able to assess our current situation and ask ourselves where do we want to be at the end of the next year. It is a time to reflect and make changes to our action plans to achieve our goals in the new year. This is a simple personal exercise that usually takes only a little time but can deliver mega results. The average person has no time and does not take the time to analyze where he has come from and where he wants to go. The end of one year and the start of a new year is a perfect time to do this because the media gets us in that mode anyway. So why not do what everybody around us is doing but do it for us personally. I learned this exercise many years ago from a wise man who shared it with me. For decades I have used it and it has brought me to where I am today. Now I am sharing with you. Have a prosperous and happy New Year.

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Blended Family

05 January 2015 Categories: Gerry's Corner

       As a follow up to my previous blog, it is worth mentioning that not only am I a proud parent but I am also a blessed parent. My wife and I have 5 children from previous marriages and partners. 4 of the 5 are married and have 8 grandchildren. Our children did not know each other prior to us meeting. But after 10 years together and many family gatherings we are extreme proud to say the family gets along as well as a first family. They actually look forward to seeing each other and most are linked through Facebook and their phones. The grandkids want excuses to get together to see and play with their cousins.

     We know many families that have tried to blend their families but were faced with disastrous results. We are one of the fortunate families where it worked and for this we count our blessings.

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