Bell New Charges

13 September 2014 Categories: Gerry's Corner

    Beware! Recently I scrutinized my Bell Telephone bill which I do from time to time and should do more often. Because phone bills can fluctuate usually because of long distance charges, we don’t check closely any of our bills regularly and when we do there is always a surprise. Bad enough we are being charged for touch tone feature which is now standard now there is an AREA SERVICE CHARGE. I called Bell to find out what this was and I was told:” the further you are from the closest communication center, the more you pay in service charge” Apparently this charge has been there for a year but has doubled in a year. Most of these companies are infamous for inventing new charges that keep creeping up on us.

      Consider this: Bell has approximately 19 million customers in Ontario alone, if they invent a new charge of only $ 1.00 per customer per bill that is $ 19M a month or $228M a year that they collect. I wish I could collect that kind of money by inventing new charges. What is wrong with our system? How come we continuously get ripped off like this?

    By the way, my area service charge is $ 4.00 a month. Ridiculous!

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Pet Peeves and Resumes

12 September 2014 Categories: Gerry's Corner

I have been working on a new recruiting assignment and here is some advice on what diminishes the value of a resume.

      I hate standard internet resumes. Some have you put a title or profession under your name. If you put Electrician don’t apply for a waitressing job. If you are a truck driver don’t apply for a telemarking position. Make sure your title matches the job you are applying to. I had one resume that said Miner and he was applying for a truck driving position. These errors send the messages “ I don’t care what I look like” or “ I am not good with details”.

    Don’t send me an email or cover letter or have an objective on your resume when it is addressed to someone else or for somebody else’s job posting. If you do, you have given me a lot of reasons for not reading any further.

     When you send a resume for a particular job make sure the resume is attached to your email. Don’t laugh! In roughly 100 resumes 15 of them had no resumes attached. I will not chase after your resume.

     These are simple rules that could make a big difference.

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Resumes and Phone Numbers

11 September 2014 Categories: Gerry's Corner

When writing a resume could you PLEASE list your phone numbers with spaces. 10 or 11 numbers in a row is hard to read. Make sure your print is large enough to read. Some of these numbers look like the V.I.N. number on my truck

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Fuel Consumption

10 September 2014 Categories: Gerry's Corner

     As a follow up to my previous blog a Toyota Dealership told me that all vehicles for 2015 will have new calculated fuel consumption. Not surprising, the current calculations are done in perfect factory conditions to get their best  MPG/LKM for Marketing purposes of course. The new calculations will increase the number of liters used or decrease the miles per hour. This will no doubt disappoint and surprise the average consumer. On the other hand the new calculations will be more realistic and easier to attain instead of being disappointed with the actual gas usage versus the advertise usage. These changes are being pushed by the Government to be more factual.

     Thought you may want to know.

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Driving Tips

05 September 2014 Categories: Gerry's Corner

       I know this is a departure from my usual writings but I wanted to share. Three months ago my wife to be leased a new 2014 Toyota Rav4 and recently I traded my F-150 for a Toyota Tundra. The one is a 4 cylinder and the other is an 8 cylinder or a 2.5 liter and a 5.7 liter. All car companies advertise the fuel consumption for Highway/City driving and an average for both. Having driven the 2 new vehicles for almost a total of 7500 km I managed to get a fuel consumption reading on both vehicles lower than the advertised highway mileage. I told the Dealership and they were amazed. I then started to look at my driving habits. What I found was I have a habit of letting the vehicle drive itself instead of pushing it. I noticed most people step hard on the gas when leaving a dead stop then slamming the brakes at a stop. I prefer driving like I was driving a motorcycle. Allow the vehicle to pick up speed a little slower and anticipate areas where I may need to brake ( taking a curve ) or stop. With everyone complaining about the cost of fuel at the pumps, why leave a dead stop like you were at a race track then jump on the brakes at last possible moment when stopping. The road I live on is a very windy and hilly road. It is also used for the fall colour tours. It amazes me how some drivers usually weekenders, keep speeding up then braking for a curve or a hill. I stick to one speed and still get to my destination just as fast and save a lot of gas. Recently I was in the big city and was driving on a street that had stop signs at every block ( 5-6 of them ) the driver in front of me would punch the gas when leaving from a dead stop and wait to the last minute and brake hard to stop at the next block. I would leave the same stop and gradually pick up speed and then reduce speed by taking my foot off the gas pedal before getting to the stop then braking. All thru these stop and go’s I was still right behind this car. Who saved gas and who got to their destination first? Answer: we both arrived at the same time. Between gas consumption and wear/tear on the brakes, who do you think is saving on the life of the vehicle and money?

     I will admit that some younger drivers probably think that I drive like a “pepe”, grandfather or a real old senior citizen but on the other hand what makes the most sense and who is breaking the fuel consumption record?

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