Don’t Do It

25 November 2011 Categories: Gerry's Corner

Here are a few other things that you should not do when applying for employment. These are real examples that I witnessed in a recent assignment.

Make sure you have a professional voice mail message. It would seem like some people who live with a cell phone do not have voice mail hence when someone calls them, they just redial the number. This is a big mistake. The caller may be calling on an outgoing line only. They may also have specific instructions as to why, when and how to call them back. Those who have voice mail should listen to the whole message and follow the instructions before redialing. I will call potential candidates 3 times ( some recruiters will call only once ) in absence of voice mail then the opportunity is lost. We will not lose our time trying to connect with someone as we have lots of other resumes to choose from. Please be sensitive to when you return a call. Best time to call back is during daytime business hours. I have had calls returned at Midnight or 5:00 am. This is not the way to impress me. When seeking employment be respectful and reasonable.

A colleague of mine told me recently that she received a resume and cover letter by text message. It was quickly deleted. Sending a resume via text message is not appropriate or acceptable.

If you reside with other people and share voice mail or other message taking devices make sure they are aware of your job search and prepare them to take a professional message. Make sure there is always paper and pen by the phone. Here are some examples of what I have encountered:

  •  Phone answered by someone who does not speak English
  •  Told by the answering party to call back and leave a message
  • Pen is not working, cannot find a piece of paper, call back later
  • Telling me the person I am calling is not available and why Ex.: They are in the shower, they are still sleeping, they are with the boyfriend/girlfriend and do not want to be disturbed, they are in no shape to come to the phone, etc.
  •  He/she do not live here anymore

Some of these are very straight forward but so common that they need to be repeated.

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